The 6 Pilates Method Fundamental Principles

BREATHING – is the first act of life and the last. Correct breathing reduces heart strain, purifies the blood and expands the lungs. One must completely exhale, squeezing every last atom of breath out to allow for a full cleansing inhale on the next breath.

CENTERING – drawing your mental & physical focus in beginning each exercise from your physical core or ‘powerhouse’: the space in between your ribs to your hips, including the upper and lower back muscles.

CONCENTRATION – on every subtle detail and specifics of every exercise.

CONTROL – direct your mind to manage each and every muscular movement as each exercise intends in coordination with the breath.

FLOW – for all the energy one exerts in performing each exercise gracefully through connecting each body part fluidly.

PRECISION – the conscious placement of the body in execution and awareness of precise postural alignment.


ORGANIC MOVEMENT – Strengthens the abdominal muscles that support the organs (truly organic!) massaging the organs as the core of organic movement.

CORRECTIVE & RESTORATIVE MOVEMENT – Postural correction & spine strengthening! The exercises stimulate the spine while freeing up tension accumulated from sedentary & contemporary living and muscle imbalances.

CONSTITUTIONAL EXERCISE – Increases stamina & endurance so one can live everyday life without pain or strain with a surplus of energy!

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” ~ Joseph Pilates