The Pilates Apparatus & Mechanics

THE REFORMER – the most universally used and versatile spring based apparatus and it does exactly that: it reforms you!  Exercises are performed lying down supine or prone, sitting and standing. It promotes strength, balance and flexibility and challenges ALL levels of physical abilities.

THE CADILLAC – is the Cadillac of all the apparatus! It is a wonderful apparatus to develop length and flexibility. The Cadillac offers a great opportunity to work on the mat repertoire while utilizing the support of the springs. A primary apparatus to learn preliminary fundamentals and Pilates concepts.



THE CHAIR – Joseph Pilates’ background in gymnastics and acrobatics is reflected in this apparatus. It is remarkable to build deep core stability, upper-body strength and lower-body power and enhance athletic performance and fun for full-body acrobatic exercises!

THE LADDER BARREL – supports isolating the deep postural muscles and challenges the body on all planes of movement. Offers a multitude of deep stretching, spine opening and flexibility exercises.



THE MAT – the most humbling and  challenging of all the repertoire! Classically, if one can perform the full mat repertoire as per Joseph Pilates’ specification, one no longer requires the apparatus! The support comes purely from one’s deep core strength and graceful embodiment of the Method’s principles.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT – the Spine Corrector, the Pedi-Pull, the Foot Corrector, the Breath-A-Cizer, the Toe Exerciser, the Neck Stretcher and many more! All design to support and assist the uniform development of body & mind so the spirit may fly!



“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” ~ Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Method aims to stay true to the body’s innate expression of freedom of motion and circulation. A way to understand the Pilates Method’s fundamental principles is the distinction of its unique apparatus VS conventional exercise machines.

Defining the Pilates apparatus as a tool that assists in attaining a purpose or design, (it is made to support the body’s organic movement). Unlike a machine when given power performs a specific task. Many of the conventional gym equipment (or machines), which are powered with electricity, move the body through a pre-designed movement pattern. Often overly repetitive and undirected by the users’ conscious mind-body awareness, promoting minimal recruitment of concentration, control and fine motor skills.

The Pilates Method apparatus are a tool that help you help yourself. You control the apparatus it doesn’t control you. In movement it provides equal support and resistance in direct reflection to your engagement. Its use increases the conscious integration of body-mind awareness and proprioceptive skills innate to the fundamental Pilates principles.

Unlike heavy muscle loading often related to contemporary exercise, the focus here is the integration of the limbs and spine with natural movement. The springs = spinal support = more integration. As a practitioner, you will experience this integration manifest differently each time you execute the movements. With the integration of the fundamental principles, your conscious awareness will expand and your body will strengthen. Your mastery of full-body awareness then becomes your portal to living a conscious life.