Joseph Pilates – Philosophy

The philosophy of the Method deeply reflects Joseph Pilates undeviating commitment to study and self-improvement. He was an avid athlete excelling as a gymnast, acrobat, boxer and martial artist. His life-long studies of human anatomy, including the natural movements of babies and wild & domestic animals are tangibly experienced in each exercise. He also studied the evolutionary imprint of physical practices of ancient cultures such as the Greeks, Hindus and Asiatics whose ultimate goals of optimum health and physical excellence were attained through a systemic approach to physical and mental mastery.

Joseph Pilates’ passion and intention was to create a method to be universally adopted and taught in educational institutions; it would be utilised to teach the individual mental mastery through uniform physical development. The result would be the rise of personal and societal evolutionary consciousness through developing and maintaining a “balance of body & mind” which in turn would impact the world by reducing human suffering and the need for hospitals, sanitariums and prisons.


“I learned…every part of the body; I would move each part as I memorised it. As a child, I would lie in the woods for hours, hiding and watching the animals move, how the mother taught the young.” ~ Joseph Pilates