The Pilates Method of Contrology

The original method of Contrology was conceived and developed by German born, of Greek heritage, Joseph Hubertus Pilates (b. 1883-1967). Today the popular fitness system is referred to by his surname: Pilates.

The Pilates Method of Contrology is both a philosophy and an exercise system. The movement system consists of particular sequences of exercises designed for uniform body development and progression of proprioception skills. There is a specific movement repertoire executed on spring based apparatus as well as on the mat.

While there is a specific and established movement repertoire of the Pilates Method, there is space for creativity and evolution. Within its evolution, the popular movement paradigm developed delineations which advanced its widespread appeal. We find various spheres of the Pilates Method primarily under the markers of Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates.

What Are Their Distinctions?

The training schools and private establishments that offer Classical Pilates aim to uphold and protect the work of Joseph Pilates in the way it was originally intended and practiced. While acknowledging the inherent value and necessity of adjusting exercises and sequencing to the individual needs, the core intent of the exercises and progression of repertoire & skill are upheld and maintained.

Within the Contemporary Pilates approach, variations exist within the exercises and sequencing to allow for creativity and originality. As well as modifications to exercises where the original intent is altered to accommodate special physical conditions and movement limitations. The success of both spheres of the Pilates Method has established a wide variety of both Classical & Contemporary Pilates training schools and studios internationally, aptly imparting the Pilates Method’s evolutionary imprint.